The Best Hair Styling Product For Men

The Best Hair Product for Men & Why You Need Styling Powder in Your Hair Routine

When you’re getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want to do is invest the time you could use to get extra sleep styling your hair. We’ve all been there - combing it every which way to find the best look, only for it to look like you slept with your head out of the window of a moving car. Or applying so much gel that you wouldn't need to wear a helmet if you rode a bike to work or school.

If that sounds similar to you, we promise not all hope is lost - this is when styling products make a big difference. While you’ve most likely heard of gel, pomade, mousse, and hairspray, there’s another weapon to add to your arsenal: hair styling powder.

Today, we’re giving you the rundown on everything you need to know about hair powder, so you can feel confident you won’t wake up to another bad hair day.

Tribal Chimp - Hair Styling Powder

What is hair powder and why do you need it?

A hair powder is equivalent to a texture powder because it adds a lot of - you guessed it - texture with a matte finish. This styling product gives your hair fullness and volume, making it a great addition to your routine. It resembles baby powder and, unlike heavy-hold products, keeps your hair in place without giving it a crunchy feel or shiny appearance. Instead, the result is a soft, natural look that allows you to run your hands through it, and it will still fall into place. The best part? It demands little effort or time on your part, making it a must-have product in your hair routine.

Have we convinced you yet? Check out Tribal Chimp’s very own Hair Styling Powder. This 100-percent cruelty-free textured powder delivers instant volume, transforming your hair from flat to full in seconds. Correct use of this product can help you achieve some of the most trendy men's hairstyles. Plus, it smells great and absorbs excess oil to keep your scalp healthy and odor-free, so it’s perfect for those who spend time outdoors or at the gym.

Best Trendy Men's Hair Styles Using Tribal Chimp

How to use men’s texture powder?

The most compelling feature of our hair powder is that it’s beyond easy to use. So, if you’re looking for a foolproof way to get unbelievable results with our Hair Styling Powder, read the following tips to make the most of your new favorite hair product:

  1. Ensure your hair is clean and dry
  2. Apply your preferred amount of product using your hands or directly onto your hair
  3. Gently massage into roots to add volume
  4. Manipulate the hair into your desired position

Yup - that’s it! Anyone with little or no experience styling their hair can use this product and enjoy a great head of hair for at least 24 hours. And the removal process is just as easy; simply wash your hair with shampoo to eliminate any residue, and you’re good to go.

Who can use styling powder?

Regardless of your hair type - curly, straight, wavy - anyone can use our hair styling powder. It’s incredibly versatile, so not only is it great for volume, but it also works wonders for those with oily scalps or thin hair for added texture.

Depending on your circumstances, you can use it with other Tribal Chimp hair products to achieve a look that suits you best. For example, you may find your hair needs some extra hold to maintain a specific style. If so, use the hair powder along with Tribal Chimp's Classic Pomade. Or, if you suffer from extreme dryness, apply the Matte Cream as well for life-changing hydration.

Our Hair Styling Powder is especially ideal for those with minimal time on their hands. This fuss-free product allows everyone to look presentable in a pinch, giving it a desirable edge compared to other styling products, which require more time and effort to use and maintain.

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