Men’s Tips & Styling Products for Managing Thin Hair

Men’s Tips & Styling Products for Managing Thin Hair

As you get older, you likely have a lot to look forward to. One not-so-great highlight of aging? Losing your hair.

Excessive hair loss is a universal fear among men. So, if you’ve ever obsessively studied your reflection in the mirror for any signs of balding, you’re not alone. Whether due to age, stress, or genetics, thinning hair is inevitable in many cases.

For those of you experiencing excessive shedding or were born with naturally thin hair, fortunately, you can combat or disguise a receding hairline with high-quality hair styling products. When used correctly, the right products will give even the thinnest hair more volume and texture. So, continue reading to learn about the best tips for styling men’s thin hair and the tools you need to maintain your new-and-improved look.

1. Experiment With Different Thin Hairstyles

The key to making your hair appear thicker is to experiment with various hairstyles for thin hair. Try to avoid slicking your hair flat against your head. Instead, prioritize more elevated styles that keep your hair from sticking to your scalp. Additionally, opting for a shorter haircut is a flattering option for thin hair, as short hair is lightweight, easier to manage, and won’t become too heavy at the roots.

2. Try a Matte Finish

Not only do matte finishes look more natural, but their flexible feel prevents your hair from getting weighed down with overly greasy formulas. They’re also a godsend for those with naturally oily hair, which may also contribute to a thinning appearance. Our Matte Cream Bundle includes our signature hair styling powder and matte cream that allow you to achieve that “full head of hair” look you’re going for.

3. Use the Right Products

Above all else, products will make the process a lot easier, as the easiest way to master the right style often isn’t technique - it’s the tools you use. When attempting to find a solution to your thin hair woes, it’s crucial to gather the right thin hair products to make your hair management simpler and less time-consuming.

If your collection of styling products looks as thin as your hair, there’s no reason to worry. The Tribal Chimp All-In-One Special Combo includes a styling powder, classic pomade, styling clay, and matte cream, providing everything you need for an affordable, effective hair routine. These products feature a matte finish with a flexible, long-lasting hold that delivers tons of volume and texture. Take the following steps to get the most out of your new favorite styling products:

  • Sprinkle the powder evenly throughout your hair as a pre-styler
  • Rub the Matte Cream or Styling Clay between your hands and distribute it through your hair for a matte finish that lasts all-day
Tribal Chimp - Premium Hair Styling Products


    At Tribal Chimp, we’re all about maintaining the health and appearance of your hair and believe quality styling products should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer can’t-miss bundle discounts and limited-time offers on our products, so you can build your collection and achieve a great hair day with ease, no matter your hair type.

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