How to Upgrade Your Men’s Hairstyling Routine with Tribal Chimp

How to Upgrade Your Men’s Hairstyling Routine with Tribal Chimp

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. Your daily hair routine is just as important as your morning shave, jumping in the shower, and getting dressed. We’ve all been guilty of running a dry shampoo through our hair and calling it a day.

Most men don’t know what styling products to use or how to tackle common issues like hair loss, thinning, or greying. There’s a common misconception that men’s hair routines have to take just as long as their girlfriends. At Tribal Chimp, we’ve come up with the all-in-one solution for your styling routine.

Our Men’s hairstyling powder instantly brings your hair back to lift, putting a jump in your step with its long-lasting invisible hold and easy re-styling. We’re sharing our tips on how to seamlessly incorporate your Tribal Chimp Hair Styling Powder into your routine to make bad hair days a thing of the past.

Using our Hair Styling Powder for short men’s hair

Our hairstyling powder makes it easy to achieve some of the most popular men’s hairstyles for 2022. If you have short hair, our hairstyling powder is here to give the illusion of thick, luscious locks by using it alongside our Styling Clay.

It’s the daily men’s hair care routine that gives you extra volume and will maintain your signature look all-day long.

Adding our styling powder to your hair routine will give it a matte finish while making your hair more manageable to style. After washing and drying your hair, sprinkle the styling powder across the crown of your head before using your fingers or our Hair Styling Comb to evenly apply it.

Give your hair the grip it needs to maintain its style all day long with our Styling Clay. It gives you a natural look while controlling frizz and giving you a seamless edge. Unlike other men’s hair styling products, this combo won’t leave your hair feeling heavy.

Other options for styling short men’s hair include the Matte Cream Combo. It creates a natural matte finish while giving you a flexible hold and texture. Prefer a sleeker look? The Classic Pomade Combo is ideal for short men’s hair as it creates a glossy finish with a medium hold.

One product, Infinite Possibilities

How to style long men’s hair with the TC Hair Styling Powder

While long hair may give you an ‘80s Rockstar look, it comes with more maintenance and needs a little extra TLC. What will make or break your daily routine is a good haircut that gives you shape and texture without losing the length. You also want to use products designed for long men’s hair – like the Styling Clay Combo which creates a strong hold that lasts all day.

When drying your long hair, air-drying is always the healthiest option. Be careful when towel drying and use a heat protector product when blow-drying. Once your hair is dried, you can style it with our Hair Styling Powder for extra volume and texture.

This powder is one of the best hair styling products for long men’s hair. It’s an easy way to add volume to balance out the length of your hair and keep it looking fresh between washes. The best way to remove this powder is by using your regular shampoo, which should contain hydrating ingredients that prevent breakage and strengthen the hair follicles.

Are you ready to level up your men’s haircare routine? You can purchase our Hair Styling Powder in a trio, so you’re never without your partner in crime. Throw one in your backpack and keep another in your gym bag for easy styling on the go.

Our subscription plan means that you’ll never run out of your TC-Powder for daily styling – and save 10% as an added bonus!

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