Best Hair Product for Men to Achieve Any Look

Best Hair Product for Men to Achieve Any Look

Your hair is an extension of your personality, communicating your personal style and so much more. Achieving the ideal look to complement your features requires more than just the right hairstyle. At Tribal Chimp, we exist to simplify your hair styling game. Whether you want to achieve a laidback and natural textured style for the weekend or want to impress at the office with a sleek do. We’ve launched two new exclusive product bundles featuring the best hair product for men for an all-in-one hair styling solution so you can achieve all different hairstyles with distinct textures and finishes.

Volumized and Textured Looks

Best Hair Product for Men

Whether you have thick or thin hair, long or short hair, the right products are required to achieve a look that stays in place all day. If you’re a fan of volumized and textured looks, perfect for the weekends in our opinion, they require the right amount of drama without going over the top. This simple yet trendy style allows you to enhance your natural texture and encourages movement in your hair for an effortlessly casual look with plenty of dimension.

The first product in our new Weekend Vibes Bundle features our holy grail Hair Styling Powder. A vital element, adding a pre-styler has a huge impact on the final look, it allows you to add volume to your tresses. The next product is the Matte Cream, an all-rounder product for a medium to strong hold so your hair stays in place all day, along with the Styling Clay that refines texture, controls frizz, provides edge control as well as keeps your hairstyle intact for 24 hours. Master the tousle for your volumized and textured looks by using your hands to evenly distribute the products through your hair, or use the Styling Comb that also comes in the bundle. Remember, with this look, you don’t have to be perfect, textured hair looks great with some personality.

Slick and Defined

Best Hair Product for Men

Want to take your aesthetic to the next level with a style that really stands out? If you’re into a slick and defined look with plenty of definition perfect for the office, important events, and for those times when you really want to impress, we’ve got the all-in-one solution for you!

Our new Everyday Hustler Bundle helps you achieve a visually striking hairstyle that will be sure to turn heads. A modern take on the classic gentlemen’s hairstyles, this product trio will attract all the right attention after only spending a few minutes in front of the mirror on your hair – you’re welcome. The bundle features our foundational product, the Hair Styling Powder to add volume, and then you can go in with the Styling Clay for a super strong hold and natural look that also refines texture, controls frizz, provides edge control, and keeps your hair in place all day. Alternatively, we also have the Classic Pomade in this bundle which provides a medium to strong hold and natural-looking shine so you’re good to go. If you have thick and curly hair, this bundle will make your hair more manageable, with the pomade bringing out the detail in your haircut. Also, if you have thinning hair, the Styling Clay will make it look thicker as matte products absorb light and instantly make the hair appear thicker.

Luxury Gifts for Men

Ready to elevate your hairstyle game? Our bundles make the search for the right products super simple. Both the Weekend Vibes Bundle and the Everyday Hustler Bundle provide you with immense versatility to create all the looks you need. They take care of your weekday needs, your weekend adventures, special occasions, date nights, and keep your hair in place during sports or at the gym. The bundles even make great luxury gifts for men, perfect for the upcoming festive season. Stock up for the boys and men in your family, as well as your mates, and of course, don’t forget to treat yourself.

Best Hair Product for Men

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