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Hair Styling Powder vs Gel, Pomade & Wax: What are the benefits?

Men have been raving about the many benefits of hair styling powers for quite some time - and for a pretty good reason. But if you are new to these specific hair products, you might have some questions on what makes them worthy rivals of your trusted styling cream and pomade.

Hair styling powders, texturizing powders, mattifying powders, no matter how you decide to call them, these dust-like men's hair products are applied directly to create hassle-free volume and texture. A little goes a long way! You can consider hair styling powders somewhat like a dry shampoo, but rather than eliminating grease, they provide definition and texture to thick and thinning hair within just a few seconds.

Tribal Chimp - Hair Styling Powder

Lightweight and oil-absorbing, they provide a matte finish along with a medium-strong hold no matter the length or hair type. No wonder why hair styling powders are lauded as the newest innovation in the men's hair products industry!

If you are thinking of swapping your current hair styling must-haves with styling powders for men, take a look at the numerous benefits below.

Hair Styling Powder for men: What are the benefits?

Styling powder vs gel

Gels were all the rage in the 80s, however, in the hairstyling world, they are considered a chemical-laden product that should be avoided - if possible. Due to the water-based formula, gels often leave them looking wet and shiny. Nonetheless, it’s the alcohol that dries out the hair and scalp.

Styling powders for men serve a matte finish and a full, puffy look. In this case, the water-based formula makes the hair look natural and healthy. If you apply it to second-day hair, the revival of volume is pretty much guaranteed.

A great alternative is to replace hair gel with Matte Cream for better hair health and styling results. The water-based formula offers complete reworkability and very flexible hold, but instead of the wet and skinny look, it serves a natural, matte finish that lasts for long hours.

Tribal Chimp - Matte Cream

Pro tip: you can use the powder and cream together for even better results. The Tribal Chimp Matte Cream Bundle will help you master the natural, messy, rugged look no matter your hair length or type. The result? Coveted texture and ultimate frizz control for long hours. 

Styling powder vs pomade

Pomades closely rival the many benefits of styling powders. The main difference lies in the finished hairstyle. Pomades are semi-solid, oil-based products suitable for classic, high shine looks especially for men with thick hair.  The Tribal Chimp Classic Pomade is an all-occasion-appropriate hair product for men who prefer a natural-looking sheen that does not dry or damage the hair.

Tribal Chimp - Classic Pomade Bundle

Styling powders are very easy to rework and restyle, adding instant volume and lift within seconds. The formula is oil-absorbing, which makes it suitable for all hair types without feeling sticky. If you want to get even better results, opt for the Pomade Combo.

Styling powder vs hair wax

Wax offers penalty of shine and hold, while styling powders for men specialize in volume with a hold that will last for 24 hours. Waxes contain a high amount of alcohol which dries out your scalp. Generally, it’s preferred by men who want to create smart and sleek-formal hairstyles and are less concerned about movement.

Tribal Chimp - Hair Styling Clay

The solution? Simply swap your hair wax with a Hair Styling Clay to maintain their health and keep your hair in place, making it look good all day!

Shop men’s hair powder

Tribal Chimp - Hair Styling Powder

Tribal Chimp - Hair Styling Powder

Tribal Chimp’s hair styling powder is vegan and cruelty-free with a pleasantly refreshing scent. It can bring back volume and texture even to the most tired-looking hair and hold for a whole day. Also, the travel-friendly size allows for quick touch-ups on the go. Whether you want to tame fly-away hairs or build a thick texture into your hair strands, this oil-absorbing formula is for you.

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Last but definitely not least, the Tribal Chimp Hairstyling Powder - 6pc Set is your best chance to score a sweet deal and get 1 bottle for under $9 along with the additional 10-15% discount on all products upon subscription!

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